Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rainy Japan

I have been hearing it on the news and online. "The rainy season has started in Japan". Well so what I thought to myself, a bit of rain won't hurt anybody. How wrong I was, about the first part that is, the part about "a bit of rain".
A few days ago I had my first experience with the rainy season in Japan. It was like a Amazon torrential monsoon unleashed upon Japan, and my poor little head.

Bad things about Japans rainy season:
  1. Humid, hot, wet and clammy.
  2. You can't hang out your clothes after they get wet because of the rain, because of the rain.
  3. Sitting in the office with wet clothes does not increase productivity.

Good things about Japans rainy season :

  1. Fresh freshwater supply.
  2. Everybody complains about the rain, so you have something in common with everybody and your all friends for the day.
  3. Umbrella's failing... you know what I'm talking about ;).


  1. Glad that I am not there.... but the weather is same same here in Taiwan... =P

  2. Haha,I see you have the same hardships ;). But I guess it's a bit hotter in Taiwan than in Japan right?

  3. And here I thought you could handle it. Cuz' of your dutch heritage and the ability to distingish 50 types of different rain :P

    But I guess the only type of rain we don't have in the Netherlands is the one you have there...
    RANK S RAIN, CODENAME: "Bucketdrops".

    I wonder, is there a saying in japan that's like it's raining pipe-steels? or maybe cat's and dogs? :)

  4. That is a very good question. Let me put that to some teachers, and I'll get back to you on that one. Raining pipe-steels...LOL.

    And yes, S Ranked Rain can hurt people.

  5. Ok, so here it is. The Japanese say:
    "どしゃぶり” / "土砂降り" / "Doshaburi".
    You can be sure I will be using this next time some clouds thinks of being funny :D.
    Thank you Ito sensei ;)